Kathy Aquino

"St. Joseph's College does a great job in preparing you for what comes after college, such as graduate school, writing resumes, etc."

Kathy AquinoPsychology Major, Spanish Minor
Class of 2018

My experience at SJC has been amazing. The ability to get to know the professors and have one-to-one time helps in being able to succeed in my studies. The vast amount of clubs in this school are great — there is a place for everyone. Everyone is genuinely nice and wants to help you succeed. 

One-On-One Faculty Connection

My favorite professor is Dr. Treboux. I have had conversations with her where she has helped me to get to know more about what this school offers and how I can take advantage of the opportunities it provides. She has given me advice on the ways that I can shape my future. She has helped me improve my writing significantly and I can't thank her enough for that. When we speak it does not feel that she is only my professor and I was her student, it feels genuine.

I have learned that I should not be afraid to voice my opinion and to step out of my comfort zone because everyone is there to applaud you no matter what. I have learned that I do matter in this world and there is a place for me.