Allison Waka ‘12

“Why religious studies for that matter? Why? Because this moment, I AM.”

Allison WakaReligious Studies and English Major
Theology Teacher at Sacred Heart Academy


In any course of study there is a desire in the learner which drives them. I am convinced religious studies is one of the select few areas of study that ignites the spark which sets ablaze a unique desire in learners, whom not only seek answers to questions but accept the challenge of studying the unanswerable, absolute mystery. 

The Innumerable Questions of Religious Studies

"There is truly not one area of study more moving, captivating and spiritual."

Religious studies is special, for it opens oneself to the very beginnings of an endless adventure of learning. An adventure teaching one to see more than the eyes are capable of seeing. It is an area of study in which questions are innumerable and concrete answers are hard to come by. Yet, a sense of inner discovery, self-growth, and an unraveling of the meaning of life takes place. There is truly not one area of study more moving, captivating and spiritual for the soul who yearns to explore the goodness that life has to offer. 

Studying the Great I AM

For me, religious studies has broadened my ability to connect with people and the world around me. I am educated on the religions of the world as well as their beautiful diversity and the commonalities shared within their cores. In particular, Religious Studies at St. Josephs College opened me to a world of study I didn’t know existed. It is a study that drives the heart and soul of an individual, often leading you to the most unlikely of places and yet the most striking. It is a process of self-discovery and provides moments of peace.  My own experience with religious studies led me to Fordham University and then onwards to Sacred Heart Academy where I teach theology to flourishing young women. Studying religious studies allows the individual who is studying it to explore the great I AM; proclaiming with a sense of loving acknowledgment that in this moment, I am in this world for a reason, a purpose, and each person who lives in this world shares a common place. It promotes the solidarity and interconnectedness of all creation. 

"For no other reason than it ignites the heart, gives peace to the soul, and glorifies the beautiful uniqueness of all people, religious studies is critically important at any level of education."