SJC Long Island Undergraduate Research

Research is fundamental to every academic discipline. Undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to become actively involved in the research process within their major department. Working with a faculty member on meaningful scholarship offers benefits beyond the GPA.

What are the Benefits of Undergraduate Research?1

  • Enhances student learning through mentoring relationships with faculty.
  • Increases retention.
  • Increases enrollment in graduate education and provides effective career preparation.
  • Develops critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and intellectual independence.
  • Develops an understanding of research methodology.
  • Promotes an innovation-oriented culture.

1 [From the Council on Undergraduate Research,]

Director of Undergraduate Research
Cheyne Miller, Ph.D., Mathematics and Computer Science

Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee

  • William Bengston, Ph.D., Human Relations
  • Kirk Lawrence, Ph.D., Sociology
  • Dawn Lee, M.F.A., Fine Arts
  • Judith Phagan, D.A., English
  • William Phillips, Ph.D., Journalism and New Media 
  • Konstantine Rountos , Ph.D., Biology
  • Vasil Skenderi, Ph.D., Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Andrea Stadler, Ph.D., Physical Sciences
  • Lisa Tafuro, Ph.D., Communication Studies
  • Teresa Tannazzo, Ph.D., Psychology

SJC Students Involved in Undergraduate Research

Daniel Rossano ’20

Mathematics Major

"SJC has equipped me with all the information I need to develop a successful career in my field, and it has instilled in me a desire to keep learning beyond the classroom. My favorite professor would be Dr. Cheyne Miller from SJC Long Island's math department. He has set aside time every week to work with me and several other students on a research project, which he always approaches with excitement and optimism, despite his busy schedule. He is also a fantastic teacher who truly has a passion for mathematics. He goes above and beyond to encourage all of his students to develop a similar passion.”

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