SCCC $11,000 Scholarship

SCCC $11,000 Scholarship

St. Joseph’s College and Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) have amended a pre-existing articulation agreement between the two institutions to include the transfer from SCCC’s Hospitality and Resort Management program to the new Hospitality and Tourism Management program at SJC.

The amendment was created to foster the pre-existing mutually beneficial relationship between the two Long Island colleges. This change will assist students who have earned their associate’s degrees from Suffolk County Community College in Hospitality and Resort Management and to further their education and obtain bachelor’s degrees in Hospitality and Tourism Management from SJC.

This amendment would allow one graduate of the Hospitality and Resort Management program at SCCC to receive an $11,000 scholarship and admission to the Hospitality and Tourism Management program at SJC each year. 

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, the student will need a GPA of 3.3 or higher and a nomination from a SCCC faculty member or program director in the College’s Hospitality and Resort Management program.

The original articulation agreement outlined the terms of the Presidential Transfer Scholarship for three graduate nominees of SCCC to attend SJC. The agreement allowed for a more efficient transfer process for students and continues to do so with the new amendment.

“Of late, Governor Cuomo has made a point of citing the impressive employment statistics of tourism in New York (e.g., as the fifth largest employment sector in New York), and he has emphasized the need for educational institutions to collaborate more effectively in helping to drive economic development. In founding its new Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Management and crafting its new HTM major, SJC addressed both themes by connecting its new initiatives to SCCC’s programs, by way of an Articulation Agreement. Working in partnership with SCCC, we believe that, together, we can help students identify new and deeper career pathways, and we can help to move Long Island forward — economically, and in terms of caring for its natural resources."

— Christopher Frost, Ph.D. academic dean for SJC’s Long Island Campus