SJC Long Island Psychology Degree

SJC Long Island Psychology Degree

Delve into the human psyche. Understand yourself and others. Get ready.

An understanding of people is a fundamental aspect of many professions. This is why job applicants with psychology degrees attract interest from employers of all types.

At SJC Long Island, psychology students develop an informed understanding of behaviors and motivations, learn valuable problem-solving techniques, cultivate strong oral and written communication skills, and get the foundation to deliver mental health services.

The strong academic grounding of the psychology major at St. Joseph’s paves the way for students to pursue careers in law, medicine, politics, health and human services, international relations and various aspects of business.

Isabel OspinaOlivia Phillips ’20
Psychology Major

"The psychology department gives their students so many opportunities to get hands-on experience in the field, whether in the community or in a research lab. They want you to be involved, and they show you all that psychology has to offer. Through some of these opportunities, like joining a research lab, it truly solidified why I chose psychology as my major and my decision to transfer to St. Joseph’s."

Hear From Our Psychology Students

The SJC Long Island Psychology Major Experience

Get Ready to Research: Students have the chance to be part of a research team, working closely with research faculty while exploring how best to investigate particular questions related to understanding the mind and behavior. 

Prepare for Your Future: Internships and volunteer experiences give students golden opportunities to see what they learn inside the classroom come to life, all while further enhancing their résumés.

Career Opportunities: Psychology majors land jobs in such places as social service agencies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, religious organizations and correctional institutions.