Transfer Tips

Transfer Tips

New year. New beginnings. At least it is for some students looking to transfer to another college or institution.

St. Joseph's University offers many benefits to transfer students, including outstanding academic programs, affordable tuition, generous financial aid packages and a robust student life experience. 

Looking to make your move? Follow these transfer tips provided by our transfer admissions experts: Director of Undergraduate Admissions Kathleen Magistro and Associate Director of Admissions Adriana Silva.

Have the right documents ready:

  • Make sure you have official college and high school transcripts on hand
  • Have access to your parents’ tax returns in order to file for the FAFSA
  • Prepare a personal statement that can be used universally
  • Have letters of recommendations (at least two) from college-related professionals

Create a calendar of college-related timelines:

  • Keep track of application, scholarship and registration deadlines
  • Keep track of registration and orientation dates
  • Make sure to file for financial aid on time
  • Send all final documents (transcripts and immunizations) before the deadlines

Visit the campus:

  • Meet with a transfer counselor, if possible
  • Take a tour, make sure you feel comfortable
  • Inquire about other transfer students — is this a transfer-friendly environment?
  • Make arrangements to sit in on a class

Understand transfer credits:

  • Inquire if there is a limit of transfer credits
  • Understand how the credits apply to your curriculum
  • Determine exactly what courses you will need to take to complete your degree
  • Make sure to send all transcripts. Many students have college credits taken in high school, AP credits or CLEP exam credits that can be applied to their degree.