Admissions Requirements and Procedures

Admissions Requirements and Procedures

Admission to St. Joseph's University, New York is competitive. Each applicant is carefully and individually reviewed for indicators of academic achievement and potential.

Recognizing that each applicant offers a unique combination of skills, achievement and promise, the Office of Admissions considers all of the components of the application including: academic transcript; co-curricular activities and community service resume; essay or personal statement, letters of recommendations; and optional standardized test scores.

Application Materials

For a student applying as a first year student to St. Joseph's University, a file is considered complete and ready for an admissions decision upon receiving the following materials:

  • A completed, signed and dated Application for Undergraduate Admissions. Students can apply via the St. Joseph's University application or the Common Application.
  • An official high school transcript
  • Long Island remains test optional for the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 academic years. The submission of standardized test scores is optional for incoming first-year students and, if submitted, will be but one component of our holistic application review process. Those students who are homeschooled will be required to submit test scores. If a student submits multiple test scores, the highest score will be used when making admissions and scholarship decisions. Official SAT or ACT scores may be sent directly through or Our Long Island campus's SAT code for the College Board is 2841. The code to have ACT scores sent is 2923.
  • Two letters of recommendation, preferably one from a teacher and one from the high school counselor
  • A nonrefundable $25 application fee is required. Students who have received an application fee waiver must include this with their application.
  • A personal statement or essay of 200-350 words. This part of the application gives the student the opportunity to express to the admissions office who they are beyond what their transcript and test scores show.

If a student will be receiving AP, IB or college credit through a college or university, they are required to send in these grades and/or transcripts in order to receive credit at St. Joseph’s University. Typically St. Joseph’s University will award credits to students who score a 3 or higher on the AP exams and/or receive a C or higher on college-level courses. To see how AP credit is accepted view this guide. For more information on how credits will transfer, students are encouraged to contact the Office of Admissions and speak to a counselor.

Students are encouraged, but not required to have an informational interview with an admissions counselor. We are available for the students to learn all about what St. Joseph’s University has to offer and they can make an appointment by calling 631.687.4500 or schedule an appointment online.

Important Dates

  • St. Joseph’s University has rolling admissions, but it is recommended to apply in the fall of a student’s senior year in high school. 
  • We begin accepting applications for the following school year in the fall of a student’s senior year in high school. 
  • Students who have a completed application will be notified of their admissions decision beginning on or around November 15. After this date, students will receive a decision as their files are completed or updated.
  • Students can begin processing their financial aid on October 1 of their senior year using tax data from the prior-prior year. Students whose financial aid application is complete before February 15 will be packaged first. The financial aid package will be sent out through the Office of Financial Aid in early spring.
  • A priority deadline for scholarships is March 15, though students who apply for admissions after this date may still be considered for scholarship.
  • Students are encouraged to send in their $250 tuition deposit once a decision to attend St. Joseph’s University has been made. This deposit is refundable up until May 1. 
  • Admitted students will be invited to attend an admitted student reception in the spring. We encourage students to attend this event to ask any remaining questions they may have regarding St. Joseph's University.
  • Registration for incoming first year students typically will take place in late May or early June.  Students will receive registration packets in the mail and will spend a day on campus making their fall schedule with a faculty adviser.
  • Orientation for first year students will take place in late August, where students will be able to get acquainted with St. Joseph's University and meet their adviser.

Still Have Questions?

At any point in your student’s application process, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions. We want to assist you in making the application process as simple as possible for both you and your students. As always, we thank you for helping us guide your students to their future at St. Joseph's University.

Test Optional Policy

St. Joseph's University has suspended our standardized testing admissions requirement for both the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 academic years. For first-year applicants for Fall 2022, Spring 2023, Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 admissions, the submission of the SAT and ACT will be optional. Please note, those students who are homeschooled will be required to submit test scores.

For high school rising seniors about to enter the college admissions process, we realize that academic opportunities are evolving for many students and those who wish to submit their test scores and/or feel their scores are a strong reflection of their academic ability, will be encouraged to do so.

We hope that the suspension of required standardized tests will alleviate some of the stress for students and help them gain greater confidence and flexibility as they navigate the college admissions process.