Jillian Stern ‘16

Jillian SternHuman Relations Major
Religious Studies Minor

"After attending a school out of state and not enjoying it, I wanted to attend a school that was close to home — a place where I felt comfortable. St. Joes not only gave me that comfort feeling, but I also liked how small the class sizes were! It makes a difference when a professor knows you by name instead of by a number.

"Starting in September 2016, I'll be attending LIU for a Masters in School Counseling. I would like to be a school counselor for high school students.

"I never expected to gain such close friends at SJC. I made a friend in a sociology class my sophomore year — she's now my best friend, and I was just a bridesmaid in her wedding! It's true when they say you make your forever friends at college."

Favorite professor?

"I would say I have three favorite professors:

1) Dr. Seifert — He is so knowledgeable, and he makes all of his classes fun! I learned so much from him.

2) Dr. Petriano — He creates such enthusiasm for the religious studies department. His class taught me to not judge a book by its cover; and that is something I'll always take with me.

3) Dr. Kearney — He never gave up on me when I was going through some personal issues, and he never stopped believing in me! I love the way he teaches, and how he encourages discussion!"