COVID-19 Employment and Unemployment Resources

As we continue to evolve through this period of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the Office of Career Preparation and Professional Development at St. Joseph's University is here to assist you in all of your career needs. We look forward to continuing to educate, connect and empower you during this time.

Additional career-related resources are always available on our career development resources page.

There are many aspects beyond individual control, and our office advises all students and graduates to focus on maintaining a positive attitude. You may not be able to find your dream job right now, but there are many opportunities available. You might need to compromise and make concessions, but you will still get the experiences and gain the competencies that will set you up for long-term success. Improving your skill set and volunteering are excellent ways to develop your career competencies at this time. As you navigate the job market, demonstrate your resilient spirit with a proactive drive toward achievement.

Job Search

While the COVID-19 pandemic may have overturned your career plans, many organizations and industries are still hiring, so we encourage you to review your online presence. Use this time to develop and update your profiles on LinkedIn and Handshake.

Your profiles matter. Make yours work for you.  Do you want recruiters to see your profile on Handshake and reach out to you directly? Enhance your profile with these three must-haves for recruiters. This will significantly increase recruiter interest. Students who complete their Handshake profiles are 80% more likely to be contacted by employers.

Resources for Making Your Profile Stand Out to Employers

Use Handshake to search for local, regional and national jobs and internships; register for career events; schedule an appointment and more. Many employers are hosting virtual events on Handshake to connect with students and share information about their organization and opportunities.

Handshake also has additional valuable resources to assist you in your preparation and getting hired remotely. Review more than 30 articles on such topics as an online job hunting, networking remotely and attending virtual career fairs on Handshake today!

Use Focus 2 with the access code SJCNY to create an account and clarify your interests, skills, personality, preferences and values, and see what career paths they may lead to. Research various occupations and how well they fit for you.

Helpful Articles

Prepare for a Virtual Interview 

Practice interviewing and prepare for virtual and remote modalities. Interviewing requires preparation and practice. Phone and virtual interviews will be the most likely method in the weeks and months ahead. Big Interview  and Candid Career are terrific resources.

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Develop Skills

Sharpen the skills that will be important in any future position or learn something totally new. For example:

  • Microsoft Office
  • SPSS, SAS, Tableau and other data analysis tools
  • Google AdWords 
  • Foreign language or a programming language

Sites to Help You Get Started

Unemployment During the Pandemic

Millions of Americans have filed for unemployment insurance as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. As the COVID-19 uncertainty escalated, many student internship and job opportunities were canceled for students. In many other cases, jobs on and off campus have disappeared. College students have been seriously affected financially due to the effects of the pandemic. In recent times, this would leave students suffering with little support from the unemployment office. However, the change to unemployment benefits due to the COVID-19 pandemic means that students might be able to apply and qualify for benefits for the first time.

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