Campus Activities Board (C.A.B.)

The goal of the Campus Activities Board (C.A.B.) is to bring various social and intellectually stimulating events to SJC for all students to enjoy. All students have the opportunity to benefit from the entertainment and experiences presented at scheduled programs. On-campus programs will strive to create unity in the college community. They are meant to be both a break in the academic day as well as a good learning experience. Off-campus programs are designed to provide students with a plethora of opportunities in both the academic and social branches of their educational development.

Contact Info

Phone: 631.687.1409
Room: O'Connor Hall, Student Hospitality Lounge Room 7
Email: [email protected]

Hugo Morales, Advisor

For additional information regarding minutes, office hours and detailed information for upcoming events please see the C.A.B. bulletin board in the cafeteria, visit Student Hospitality Lounge Room 7, check the web calendar or visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.