Council for Exceptional Children/Child Study (CEC)

The St. Joseph's College chapter of the Council for Exceptional Children/Child Study Club (CEC/CS) is an organization which strives to raise awareness in the community and provide services for children with and without special needs. Our goal is to expand this mission within educational and community settings.

Moreover, CEC/CS promotes the participation of our entire college population as well as the community through service, fundraising, events for children and charitable donations. The Council for Exceptional Children/Child Study Club works to provide service, research, understanding and dedication, with a continuing goal to raise awareness within society.

"Other people and things can stop you temporarily. You’re the only one who can do it permanently."


This year the CEC/Child Study Club will be raising money for Autism Speaks. The money we raise will be donated to aid the Autism Speaks Foundation in their funding of research into causes, preventions, treatments and a cure for autism. Our club is also going to be raising awareness about disorders on the autism spectrum.

Club Membership

The CEC/Child Study Club continues to help prepare and enrich future teachers outside of the classroom. Membership is not limited to only child study majors. We meet every Wednesday during Common Hour and are constantly looking to expand our event list and welcome all new ideas. To be an active member of the club, it is important for all members to come to the majority of the meetings and club events.


Email: [email protected]