Keep a Child Alive

Keep a Child Alive was formed in response to the AIDS pandemic ravaging Africa. With 25 million people already dead, the disease continues to spread, wiping out societies, threatening economic infrastructure and creating tragic devastation in the family structure. There are currently 12 million AIDS orphans in Africa alone.

How much longer will we sit while millions of people die from a treatable disease?


Starting a virus to stop a virus. We ask you for a dollar a day. One dollar. Something we waste each day, but to someone in a world not so far away it constitutes another day of precious Life.

Keep a Child Alive gives 100 percent of its donations to our cause.

Anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment has transformed the lives of people with AIDS in the West, returning them from sickness to health. But less than five percent of children with AIDS have access to these life-saving drugs. When the children are infected 50 percent die before the age of 2 and 80 percent die before the age of 5. When the public signs up to become a monthly or life donor, 100 percent of the monthly donation goes directly to life-saving AIDS drugs and surrounding care.

Keep a Child Alive provides the medical services needed to make treatment possible. Doctors, nutrition, testing, transportation and treatment for opportunistic infections are all necessary for anti-retroviral treatment to be successful. When necessary, KCA also provides nutrition for its patients believing that ARVs are much more effective on a full stomach.

Currently 15.2 million children worldwide have lost one or both parents to AIDS and by 2010 the number is expected to reach 25 million. Thirteen million of these children are in Sub-Saharan Africa. These children will face enormous risks in their struggle to stay alive. They will often be forced into sexual exploitation or enrolled as child soldiers, this after the terrible trauma of losing your parents in front of you. Keep a Child Alive builds and sustains orphanages to keep the most vulnerable children out of harm’s way. Orphanages are a last resort, but necessary when children have no extended family to turn to for support.


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