Political Science Club

The primary purpose of the Political Science Club is to promote awareness of and participation in local, state, and national politics amongst the student body at St. Joseph’s College.

Club members will be able to interact with other students who share their interest in political matters. The club will discuss important events, host guest speakers, promote voter education and participate in political debates.

Membership in the Political Science Club is not limited to Political Science majors. Any student at St. Joseph’s College is always welcome to attend Political Science Club meetings and events, and we encourage all students to join! The club will hold informative debates on relevant political issues, screen movies relevant to Political Science and the world of politics, and will be actively following pertinent candidates and elections. Our club’s moderator is Professor Tim Bishop, who lends his dozen years of experience as U.S. Representative in Congress to advise our club.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions about us, please email us at [email protected], or find us on Facebook (SJCNY-LI Political Science Club) or Twitter (@SJCNYLIPoliSci).