The Arts

Art Club

The Long Island Art Club enriches the student body through art. The club includes all students, regardless of artistic ability.

St. Joseph’s College Art Club is dedicated to Creativity, Education and Charitable Giving. The Art Club offers an abundance of activities, events and workshops on and off campus that allow students to participate in diverse artistic projects and learning experiences. Established artists are invited to campus regularly to offer workshops on such processes as acrylic poured painting, hot glass fusing, paper marbling and figure drawing with a live model. Occasional field trips and films are scheduled to promote art experiences and education.

As part of our mission is to give back to the community, the Art Club holds an annual charity event craft’s sale. Some of the work created in the workshops are donated and sold to raise money for charitable organizations, including Materials for the Arts and Splashes of Hope. As club members, you can help us continue to grow and develop new and exciting programming for the SJC community, while having fun with fellow creative and curious students.


Email: [email protected]

Dance Club

The SJC Dance Club is a student-run organization dedicated to the establishment of dance as an educational, creative and healing art form.

We provide a safe and fun atmosphere for students with an interest in dance. Dance Club provides an opportunity for the SJC community to experience and participate in dance regardless of age, race, size or experience.


The House of the Roses Volunteer Dance Company is an organization which offers homeless and at-risk children free weekly on-site dance workshops at partner outreach facilities, such as homeless shelters and community centers throughout New York City. The Dance Club takes great pride in supporting this organization and welcoming them back to perform yearly at our spring dance shows.


Email: [email protected]

Drama Club

The Drama Club is a creative outlet for students with a love for theater and is open to all students interested in sharing their talents on and off the stage. The Drama Club stages one show per semester. Each production holds open auditions. All students are welcome.


Email: [email protected]

SJC Sharps

"Life is a song, love is the music."

The SJC Sharps is a music club that performs at various events on and off campus. This all-female a capella group sings a variety of music ranging from oldies to current top hits. New members are welcome each fall so keep your eye out for information.


The Sharps perform "White Winter Hymnal"


Email: [email protected]

SJC Shockwaves

The SJC Shockwaves are a show choir that emphasizes unity, teamwork and friendship, while aiming for a high level of artistic and musical quality. Singing and dancing are the main focus. The Shockwaves have one showcase at the end of each semester, as well as several smaller performances throughout the semester.