Council for the Arts

Council for the Arts

The Council for the Arts is a group of volunteers from the College and its surrounding communities who seek to foster and encourage an appreciation and enjoyment of the fine and performing arts. The council’s ultimate goal is to develop a lasting appreciation of the arts, which will encourage active involvement either as participants or as informed spectators.

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Semester Art Shows

Art From Craft

January 28 to March 4
Artist Panel Discussion: Monday, February 22

In medieval times, sculptors and painters belonged to craft guilds. Renaissance artists sought to elevate the visual arts to the level of the humanities. Since then, the visual media and crafts have had an ever-changing and often debated relationship. The artists of “Arts from Craft” continue the debate by making works of fine art that acknowledge the traditions of craft. Included in the exhibition are Beth Giacummo, Eileen Winter Palmer, Maggie Avolio, Lisa Federici and Robert Stenzel.

Architecture of Memory: Linda Gangian

March 8 to April 15
Artist’s Talk: Monday, March 22

Working in two- and three-dimensional media, Linda Gangian evokes monumentality through accumulations of minutiae. She reinterprets Middle Eastern and American craft traditions, recalling carpets, quilts and calligraphy. The works are impressions of urban
landscapes, which often reference specific sites and memories.

Student Art Show

April 19 to May 13

The annual Student Art Exhibition includes exemplary works created in the art studios and classes of SJC Long Island students. As the recently created fine arts major matures, the art produced grows in depth and quality. Featured in this year’s exhibit are works in both two- and three-dimensional media, created in traditional and digital processes.

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Council members

Anna Malzone (chair)
Leon Bernardyn
Michael Berrell
John Cino (gallery curator)
Ellen Clyne
S. Suzanne Franck
Bryan Gill
Jan Harting-McChesney
Bogumila Lai
Dawn Lee
Ralph Nofi
Tom Petriano
Susan Pollock
Marjorie Roe
Sally Shorrock
Wendy Turgeon
Susan Van Scoy