It’s official. Soon, students will be able to learn and live at SJC Long Island.

As St. Joseph’s College honored its past with a centennial celebration throughout 2016-2017, it now looks toward the future and the College’s continued growth with the announcement that student housing will be available at SJC Long Island, with a projected date for completion in fall of 2019. 

The co-ed housing complex will be located on the site of the campus’ former Gregg Alfano Athletic Field. Initial plans call for a 300-bed residential facility that will include common areas, labs, a dining hall and laundry rooms. SJC is partnering with Mosaic Capital Group, Markline Industries and Place Properties to build the residence hall, which is expected to cost between $25-30 million.

SJC Long Island Housing Fast Facts Q&A

What is the construction timeline?

The housing complex is projected to be ready for the fall 2019 semester.

What amenities will be available?

The housing complex will include standard rooms, common areas, labs, lounges, dining hall, laundry rooms, mailroom and more. It will be fully wired to accommodate telephones, Internet and television.

How will the residence hall be supervised?

The residence will have hall directors and RAs. The College will also increase on-campus security.

What additional Student Life activities will be available?

Leadership programs, social programs and community service programs will be added to SJC’s existing activities.

Will on-campus parking be available?

Additional parking spaces will be added to accommodate construction.

What extra security measures will be taken?

There will be an increased security presence for student housing residents.

Will the dorms be co-ed?

Yes, however, male and female students will be segregated by floors and/or wings.