What is Campus Ministry?

Campus Ministry at St. Joseph’s College seeks to foster the integral growth of the entire academic community, but especially focuses on the personal, spiritual and moral development of its students, thereby complementing the work of other departments and divisions in pursuit of the College’s overall mission. The three components of the Office of Campus Ministry are:


The campus ministry team offers a variety of programs that center on a deep concern for the rights and dignity of every person, especially the poor and most vulnerable. Many programs offer a hands-on approach through our volunteer’s energy and talent. Students Taking an Active Role in Society (STARS) and Habitat For Humanity are student-run organizations that promote such values and works in connection with the Campus Ministry team and Making A Difference.


College is a time to search for meaning, to go beyond the face value of daily events. Campus ministry encourages students to make time for this reflective journey. Such events and experiences as retreats, days of recollection, spiritual direction/counseling and religious worship assist students in their journey. Whatever your religious background, we encourage you to be part of the Campus ministry community because the spiritual journey is always more fruitful when shared with others.  


Given that St. Joseph’s is largely a commuter school, many assume it would be difficult to find a home when you first arrive. However, campus ministry, in conjunction with other areas of student life, ensures that St. Joseph’s can be that home away from home.

The campus ministry team hosts activities that build life-giving relationships. Social events, such as festive luncheons, ski trips, sporting events and plays, encourage students to come together and build friendships with people of varying backgrounds and interests.

For more information, contact the Director of Campus Ministry, Cristian Murphy at 631.687.1467.