Intervention Services

Crisis Intervention

A crisis is defined as a situation or event in which a person feels overwhelmed, has difficulty coping or has a lack of self-control. Crisis counseling is a short-term intervention offered for students in distress to provide guidance, education and support. If a trauma or crisis is not resolved in a healthy manner, the experience can lead to more lasting psychological, social and medical problems. 

Crisis counseling is not a substitute for individuals who need and are not receiving intensive or long term psychological care and may involve outreach and work within the community. 

Some signs of being in a crisis include:

  • unable to go to classes
  • unable to stop crying
  • thoughts of hurting oneself or others
  • have not eaten in a few days 
  • have not slept in a few days 

If this is an emergency, please contact The Center for Wellness at 631.687.1262 OR call 911 immediately.


Other Helpful Contacts:

Crisis Hotline:  

In addition, The Student Outreach Program has been created to help students in serious need. Through this program students are able to continue their studies in a safe and healthy way. To apply for this program please stop by our Center located on 319 West Roe Boulevard.

Community outreach occurs throughout the academic year to build a rich network of resources in the community for all students on campus. Both mental health and wellness resources are canvased for a full spectrum of holistic health. Through this program students gain the opportunity of benefiting from modalities that expand and work complimentary with the St. Joseph's College community. 

Medical Leave of Absence

The Center for Wellness is responsible for facilitating medical leaves of absence on the Long Island campus. If a student becomes ill, either mentally or physically, or is injured in some way, they should contact our Center to discuss the possibility of taking a medical leave of absence.​

What is a medical leave of absence?
A medical leave of absence is granted to students who become ill, either physically or mentally, or injured during the course of a semester. The student is given two semesters to recover from his/her illness or injury without having to re-enroll at St. Joseph’s College. 

What information do I need to provide?
In order to be considered for a medical leave of absence, the student must provide current and detailed medical documentation that supports the student’s request for a medical leave of absence. This documentation must be on a physician’s official letterhead or on a prescription pad. 

How do I take a medical leave?
If a student wishes to apply for a medical leave of absence, they must contact Laurie McArdle, Assistant Director of Wellness at 631.687.1262. A meeting will be scheduled to review the process. Medical documentation must be provided at this time.

What happens with my classes if I take a medical leave?
Once all the forms have been filled out, and the medical documentation is approved, a student’s classes will reflect a WD (withdrawal) for each of their classes for the semester. This will NOT affect a student’s GPA.

What is my financial liability if I take a medical leave?
A medical leave does not mean that the student’s financial liability is eliminated. There are many variables that come into play when a student takes a medical leave. It is imperative that the student contacts the Bursar’s Office and the Financial Aid Office to discuss his/her individual financial implications.

What happens when I am ready to come back?
When a student is ready to return they must make an appointment to meet with their adviser to select their courses. The adviser will let the student know if there are any holds on his/her account which will prevent them from registering. In addition, they must contact the Financial Aid Office to ensure that all paperwork has been completed.

Immunization Record Compliance

The Center for Wellness is responsible for collecting and maintaining student immunization records. Prior to the first day of class, students must provide documentation that proves they have received the required immunizations. In order to maintain Department of Health compliance, the office is responsible for following up with students who do not submit their medical records. Copies of medical records can be provided to students who have graduated or are transferring.

To download a copy of the Immunization Record Form, please click on the following link:

Immunization Record Form

Training, Consultations and Referral Resources

The Center for Wellness provides faculty and staff training to assist in the assessment and intervention process ensuring a safe college community.

Topics vary according to the needs of the St. Joseph's College community. Please contact us at 631.687.1262 if you would like to schedule a training session for your department.  

The Center for Wellness also provides consultations and referral resources​ for students in order to provide each student with the services they need both at the college and within the community. 

If you do not know where to turn to or have any reservations about seeking services at St. Joseph's College, we will help you get the referral resources that work for you within your community.