Program for Access and Student Success (PASS)

Program for Access and Student Success (PASS)

An individualized fee-for-service program that provides academic strategies, support and guidance to students with disabilities.

Are you a student with disabilities who:

  •   Is fascinated by learning differently and wants to be academically successful?
  •   Wants structure and support with navigating through the higher education system?
  •   Is looking for an individualized college program that bolsters learning for students who are willing to work hard to achieve specific goals?
  •   Wants assistance in creating coping mechanisms for career readiness?

We offer:

  •   One-on-One tutoring two to three hours per week
  •   Academic counseling
  •   Stress and time management skills
  •   Assurance that all academic accommodations are met
  •   Support services with subject matter specialists
  •   Liaison between individual students and other campus entities
  •   Academic support utilizing the latest advanced software
  •   Weekly writing workshops
  •   Counseling services
  •   Internship guidance
  •   Career Readiness
  •   Socialization Activities
  •   Scholarly research and database training
  •   Exam prep & test-taking tips
  •   Anxiety Management
  •   Critical thinking skills

How to apply:

Once you are admitted into St. Joseph's University, meet with the director, fill out Office of Student Accessibility Services application and complete an interview.

For more information please call 631.687.1428 or email [email protected]