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SJC Long Island Sweethearts

SJC Long Island Sweethearts

Love is in the air at St. Joseph’s College.

Dozens of alumni have found their sweethearts in SJC’s classrooms, libraries and extracurricular organizations. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we're happy to salute some of the many alumni who came to St. Joseph’s as individuals and left with a love to last a lifetime.

2018 Valentine's Day SJC Long Island Sweethearts...

Stephen Bates '14, '15 and Anna Domingo '14

"SJC is a special place and you, too, can meet your best friend and soulmate there."

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Kevin Deutsch '14 and Nicole Sabatello '14, '17

"Always be a team. It's never about just one person or the other. Consider what you can do for the other person to ultimately be better together."

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Christopher and JoAnna Wurglics '13

"Celebrate and appreciate your relationship every day, not just on Valentine's Day."

Meet the Wurglicses

Cristian Murphy '14 and Nina Franza '14

"Find a love that is built on service and companionship. To love is to give, and to give is to truly live."

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SJC Long Island Sweethearts of Years Past...

Migliorino coupleNicole Stringer '15 and Michael Migliorino '15

“You never know, your soulmate may be sitting right next to you in class!”

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Young coupleBryan Young '16 and Melissa Burns '16

"​Love yourself first and love will always find its way to you."

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Vitale coupleMatthew Vitale '06 and Diana Graziano Vitale '07

"When you find true love, hold on to it. Laugh together, be silly and cherish each other."

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Cutaia coupleBrian Cutaia '11 and Nina Rapisardi '14

"Always remember the reason why you fell in love. Always be there for each other."

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Roche coupleKenneth and Samantha Roche '03

“Sometimes love can be found in unexpected places. If love is true and meant to be, then it will flourish despite the obstacles.”

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Aguila coupleJoseph Aguila '12 and Natalie Higbee '11

“Don't take a girl you barely know to the hypnotist show and get hypnotized just to impress her. It won't work.”

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Ceramello coupleJohn Ceramello '08 and Mary Kate Lobasso '08

"Laugh together every day and always say sorry."

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Chilton coupleJessica Chilton '09 and William Chilton '09

Learn More About the Chiltons

Eilers coupleThomas Eilers '12 and Jenessa Donovan '12

"Jenessa asked Tom to help her with projects for class. About five years later he proposed in NYC while iceskating on December 6, 2015. We are looking to get married winter 2017!"

Learn More About the Eilers

Finocchiaro coupleSal Finocchairo '12 and Danielle Darby '12

“Always have an open mind when meeting new people because you may find love in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times!”

Learn More About the Finocchiaros

Gasparro coupleJillian Vollaro '06 and Nicolas Gasparro '07

"Always go with your heart! I did and I ended up marrying the best guy in the world!"

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Gomez couplePeter Gomez '03 and Sandy (Miano) Gomez '03

"You never know where or when you will find your true love... Keep your heart and mind open to new possibilities <3 I'm so glad I did thirteen years ago! I found my true love in Dr. Quinn's Experimental Psychology class thirteen years ago! Xoxo"

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Krakaur coupleBrianne Krakaur '01 and Benjamin Krakaur '02

"Treat your valentine how you would want to be treated."

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Kroog coupleBrennin Kroog '09 and Melissa Kroog '09

“Be yourself. If people do not appreciate who you are and what you stand for, then find someone who will!"

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Lohsen coupleKelsey Dellcave '14 and Cody Lohsen '14

"Just always be open minded to the possibility of love! It will probably happen when you least expect it!"

Learn More About the Lohsens

Morales coupleDr. Freddie Morales '09 and Alyssa Schneider Morales '08

“Marry someone who brings out the best in you!!”

Learn More About the Moraleses

Moreira coupleBrian Moreira '04 and Justine Salpietro '05

"Always follow your heart, even if there are obstacles in the way. Whatever is meant to be, will happen."

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Nelson coupleJohn Nelson '08 and Michelle Bertuccio '10, MBA '11

"Happy Valentine's Day!" 

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OLeary coupleJenna O'Leary (Ardolino) '09, '11 and Gino O'Leary '10

"Always communicate no matter how silly or serious the situation. When fighting, have a kiss pact. Just kiss and agree the fight is not worth it and that you love each other more than what you're fighting over."

Learn More About the O'Learys

Ostrander coupleNicole Schroder '12 and Dan Ostrander '13

“Don't settle for someone. Wait until you find someone that completes you.”

Learn More About the Ostranders

Paterno coupleMeghan Murray '13 and Michael Paterno '13

"Be patient and hopeful, you're soulmate will sweep you off your feet when you least expect it!"

Learn More About the Paternos

Plate coupleKathleen Magistro '05 and Frederick Plate '05

"Valentine's Day is made much more special by the smiles and memories shared with people you care about."

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Renna coupleNicholas Renna '12, MBA '15 and Victoria Greenidge '12

"Remember to love others! Everyone deserves love and you will find love when you least expect it and possibly from who you least expect it from."

Learn More About the Rennas

Serraino coupleMitch Serraino '02 and Erika Serraino '02

Learn More About the Serrainos

Shaw coupleTara Kennedy '13 and Kevin Shaw '13

"Go out and be social and find a passion on campus because you never know who you'll meet just doing what you love to do."

Learn More About the Shaws

Torreblanca familySteve Torreblanca '07 and Marisa Torreblanca '08

"Get involved at SJC, you never know who you might meet!"

Learn More About the Torreblancas

Verni coupleJessica Levenson-Verni '11 and Michael Verni '12

"Be prepared for anything and keep an open mind."

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