Kevin Deutsch ’14 and Nicole Sabatello ’14, ’17

Majors: Mathematics and Computer Science / Spanish, Secondary Education 
Careers: Program manager, Healthcare Software / Middle School Spanish Teacher

Where did you meet?
We met at a fraternity event in East Meadow. 

Did a classmate introduce you?
Yes, Christopher DeSimone introduced us at the fraternity event.

Favorite budding SJC courtship memory?​
Our favorite SJC memory was having such an amazing time at Gala together our Junior and Senior year. After hiring the DJ (Barattini Productions) as part of Student Government, we decided to hire them for our wedding because we loved them so much!

Where was your first date?
Our first date was at the movie theater to see "Savages." The movie itself was horrible, but we still had a great time together.

First movie you saw together: 

The proposal:
Kevin and I, along with five other SJC alumni, went to Atlantic City during spring break last year to celebrate my birthday and two of my best friends' birthdays. Little did I know that Kevin had a special surprise planned. Before we went to Carmine's Italian Restaurant for dinner, we all stopped at the beach to take some photos together. After our little photo session, Kevin invited me to take a walk on the beach with him because "he wanted to talk to me." After five years, I was confident he wasn't breaking up with me and that this was the moment I've been (so impatiently) waiting for. I genuinely had no idea this was going to happen until that very moment. It was such a special moment between us, and it made it that much more memorable having most of our closest friends there to share it with. 

According to a Facebook study, 28 percent of married couples attended the same college. What is it about College that makes it the right place for so many people to meet their spouses?
Simply stated, it's convenient because you are able to spend so much time together while shaping your lives and becoming the people you will be in the future. Also going to a commuter college means that you're bound to live relatively close to one another. After college, it can be a lot more difficult to find someone because there aren't as many opportunities to spend as much time in productive social settings.

What's your message to the SJC community this Valentine's Day?
Always be a team. It's never about just one person or the other. Consider what you can do for the other person to ultimately be better together.