Thomas Eilers ‘12 and Jenessa Donovan ‘12

Eilers coupleMajors: Computer Information Systems / Math Education and Computer Science
Careers: Application Developer / High School Math Teacher

Where did you meet?
Tom saw Jenessa working at the Callahan Library but we first starting talking at extra help for a computer class. Nine months later we had a back-to-back class where we sat in the same seats so saw each other every Tuesday and Thursday. Jenessa then asked Tom to help her with projects for the class. About five years later he proposed in NYC while iceskating on December 6, 2015. We are looking to get married winter 2017!

Did you take any classes together?
We took COM210 together with Professor McAllister (who is the reason we met at extra help).

"My memory of them both is that I missed them being in my classes after they graduated. They were both good students and really nice people." — Professor McAllister

Favorite budding SJC courtship memory?
We had a blast at Gala 2012!

Where was your first date?
His house for bagels and a movie during a study day.

First movie you saw together?
Indiana Jones

Eilers couple 2