Brianne Krakaur ‘01 and Benjamin Krakaur ‘02

Krakaur coupleMajors: Accounting / Math Education
Careers: Accountant / 8th Grade Math Teacher

Where did you meet?
Freshman orientation

Did you take any classes together?
Political science

Did a classmate introduce you?

Did you join a club to get closer to one another?
We were both very involved

Favorite budding SJC courtship memory?
We starting dating after graduation

Where was your first date?
Alive After 5 in Patchogue

First movie you saw together:
Bad Boys 2

Did you (or will you) name your child "Joseph/Josephine"?
Lol, no but we have a 5 year old son Nathan and a 2 year old daughter Stella.

Any relationship advice for current students?
Always do sweet things for each other.

What's your message to the SJC community this Valentine's Day?
Treat your valentine how you would want to be treated.

Krakaur family