Kelsey DellCave ’14 and Cody Lohsen ’14

Lohsen coupleMajors: Child Study / Accounting
Careers: Medical Assistant / PriceWaterHouse Cooper

Where did you meet?
In our frst class of our Freshman Year, Marion Russo's freshman seminar. He sat right in front of me!

Did you take any classes together?
In our freshman year we had freshman seminar and history together. Once we started dating we registered for Sister Grace's two acting classes together.

Favorite budding SJC romance story?
Kelsey repeatedly trying to firt with Cody by sparking conversations about what homework was due in their next class together, Cody was clueless and did not get the hint for almost a year!

Lohsen couple

First movie you saw together?
Planet of the Apes

Did you (or will you) name your child "Joseph/Josephine"?
Probably not lol

Any advice for current SJC students?
Just always be open minded to the possibility of love! It will probably happen when you least expect it!

What's your message to the SJC community on Valentine's Day?
We hope everyone has an awesome and super romantic Valentine's Day! xo

Lohsen couple 2