Dr. Freddie Morales ‘09 and Alyssa Schneider Morales ‘08

Morales coupleMajors: Biology / Education
Careers: Owner of Prime Performance Chiropractic / Special Education Teacher

Where did you meet?
Junior High and reconnected at St. Joseph's during freshman orientation.

Did you take any classes together?
Yes, a psychology class.

Did a classmate introduce you?
No but Lisa Galasso [Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement ] told Freddie to go after Alyssa.

*"I remember being in a car with Freddie, no air conditioning, it was SO hot out, and he wouldn't stop talking about Alyssa. I was like, Oh My God just ask her out!" — Lisa Galasso

Did you join a club to get closer to one another?
No, but Alyssa became a fixture at SJC Baseball games because Freddie was team captain.

Morales Wedding

Favorite budding SJC courtship memory?
First time we held hands in the cafeteria, Alyssa began to fall in love.

Where was your first date?
Italian Affair Pizzeria in Islandia.

First movie you saw together:
Do not remember movie. First play was Phantom of the Opera.

Any relationship advice for current students?
Marry someone who brings out the best in you!!

What's your message to the SJC community this Valentine's Day?
Say "I Love You" every day to the one you love.

Morales wedding 2