Fast Facts for Parents

Fast Facts for Parents

Admissions and Financial Aid

What are the admissions requirements?

St. Joseph's University is a selective institution. Applicants are evaluated on an individual basis. The University enrolls students that are academically talented and diverse. Successful admissions candidates typically have:

  • A high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Solid grades in a strong college preparatory curriculum.
  • Standardized test scores that demonstrate the promise of success in college-level courses. Note: Long Island campus has gone test optional.

Do you accept Advanced Placement for college credit? 

Yes, we do.

When should I apply? When is the application deadline?

St. Joseph's University admits students on a rolling basis, there are priority dates though. 

For the fall semester, the scholarship priority date is March 15 for first year students and August 1 for transfer students. For the spring semester, the priority date is January 1 for both first year students and transfer students. 

Is there a supplemental application required? 

No, there is not. 

What else do I need to submit in addition to my application? 

Applicants must also submit high school transcripts. Long Island campus has gone test optional, therefore submitting SAT or ACT scores are optional. A personal statement/essay and two letters of recommendation are also requested. Students with college credits are required to submit a transcript from each school attended.

Is an appointment necessary to speak with an admissions counselor? 

No. An appointment is not necessary, but it is recommended. Check here for contact information or schedule your appointment online now

What scholarships are available? How do I apply? 

We have many generous scholarships available at the Long Island campus, including the Presidential, Provost, Dean’s Academic Achievement, Scholastic Achievement and other grants. There is no need to apply for the scholarships. Qualified students will automatically be included. We recommend that you apply to the University, however, by March 15 to be considered for scholarships. Contact the Alumni Office regarding an alumni grant. 

How do I apply for financial aid and when is the application deadline? 

Students must fill out and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid form, which may be done online. Financial aid priority is given to students who file by the following dates: for the fall semester, first year students — February 25; transfer students — March 15; first year students and transfer students entering in the spring semester — November 15. 

When and where are campus tours offered? 

Campus tours can be given at any time, but appointments are recommended to ensure a guide will be available for you. 

What are the tuition expenses? 

Tuition for the 2022-2023 academic year is $31,760.

Our Campus and Student Life

Where is St. Joseph's University? 

Our beautiful lakeside campus is located on Long Island in Patchogue, just south of Sunrise Highway and just east of Nicolls Road. 

How large is the campus? 

Our  Long Island campus covers 32 acres near the Great Patchogue Lake.

How many students attend St. Joseph's University? 

During Fall 2021 the Long Island campus had 3,570 students in both divisions including our online programs.

What internships and student jobs are available?

There are credit-bearing internship courses available within our academic departments that students may select to sign up for. Students will also have internship and job opportunities advertised to them through the Office of Career Development and Engagement. Each year the Office of Career Development and Engagement hosts their annual Pathways to Success Internship and Job Fair that is well attended by local companies and organizations that is open to all students and alumni. Please visit the office for more information.

What kind of entertainment is there around the St. Joseph's University campuses? 

For students on the Long Island campus, you can be entertained in myriad ways. The area offers movie theaters, restaurants, beaches, baseball parks, water parks and county parks. The area also has a thriving nightlife. 

Can I have a car on campus? 

Absolutely. We have parking lots for students on both campuses. Please see Student Life for more information. 

What clubs/organizations/sports do you have? 

We offer women’s basketball, women's volleyball, softball, tennis and cross country. There are also men’s basketball, baseball, cross country and tennis teams, plus numerous clubs and organizations

What NCAA division is your athletics programs a member of?

Long Island is a Division III member that offers. For more  information and a list of all the sports that are available please visit our Long Island Golden Eagles website.


How many undergraduate programs does St. Joseph's University offer?

On Long Island, we offer 37 bachelor’s degree programs, 56 majors, 37 minors, 17 master’s programs, 11 dual degree programs, 15 undergraduate certificates and seven advanced certificates. Please search our academic programs for more information.

We also offer a global studies program that encourages students to study abroad.  

What is the student/faculty ratio? 

As of Fall 2020, the student/faculty ratio on the Long Island campus is 12:1, which gives students excellent access to professors and allowing professors to know students by name and face. 

When do classes start and end?

Classes for the fall semester typically begin on the Wednesday after Labor Day and the spring semester classes usually start during the third week in January.

Do you offer summer and winter courses? 

Yes we do. Consult the semester schedules to see when they begin and end. 

Do you have a study abroad program? 

We offer courses that allow students to travel abroad to study other cultures. Please see our global studies department for more information on our study abroad programs.

Test Optional Policy

Given the extreme circumstances faced by current high school due to COVID-19, St. Joseph's University has temporarily suspended our standardized testing admissions requirement for both the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 academic years. For first-year applicants for Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 admissions, the submission of the SAT and ACT will be optional. Please note, those students who are homeschooled will be required to submit test scores.

This is an unprecedented time for all students, especially high school rising seniors about to enter the college admissions process. In these uncertain times, we realize that academic opportunities are evolving for many students and those who wish to submit their test scores and/or feel their scores are a strong reflection of their academic ability, will be encouraged to do so.

We hope that the temporary suspension of required standardized tests will alleviate some of the stress for students and help them gain greater confidence and flexibility as they navigate the college admissions process.