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Written by SJC students, faculty and staff for your consideration, My Top 5 tells you more about SJC culture, what to read and — most importantly — which vegan recipes will knock your socks off. 

My Top 5 Places to Eat (with a discount) in Patchogue

Melissa KuehnleBy Melissa Kuehnle
Director of Communications and External Relations

"Welcome to SJC Long Island, where free food is always in abundance and SAGE serves up fresh, quick and tasty options. But, if you are looking to grab a meal off campus with friends, there are five places you should try because they offer a delicious menu and you get a discount with your SJC ID."

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My Top 5 Campus Traditions • SJC Brooklyn

Michael BanachBy Michael Banach
Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations

"For a campus that is 100 years old, SJC Brooklyn is rooted in tradition and history. Throughout the past century, many events that occur at SJC Brooklyn have become welcome and beloved traditions. Below is a list of these events that you certainly don’t want to miss."

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My Top 5 Campus Traditions • SJC Long Island

Valerie EspositoBy Valerie Esposito
Media Relations Manager

"As the sun begins to set on summer 2016, it’s time to dust off your notebooks and register for fall classes. Don’t worry though, SJC has you covered with exciting events that have become a welcome tradition on the campus of SJC Long Island. Here are some upcoming events that will help you make the most out of your return to campus life."

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My Top 5 Tips for New SJC Brooklyn Students

Chris MalcausBy Chris Malcaus '18
Hospitality and Tourism Management Major

"There are so many things rookies need to know about SJC Brooklyn. This list will help you navigate your way."

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My Top 5 Tips for New SJC Long Island Students

Kathleen MagistroBy Kathleen Magistro
Director of Undergraduate Admissions

"Being a new student at SJC Long Island is the start of a new adventure. It’s a chance to meet new friends, gain new experiences and of course, immerse yourself in a learning environment. Here are some tips to make the most out of your freshman year."

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My Top 5 Vegan Summer Recipes

Michelle DarrisBy Michelle Darris '18
Journalism and New Media Studies Major 

"With June 20 having been the first official day of summer, thus commenced the pinnacle of warm-weather dining: the picnic. In a city as hectic as New York, taking advantage of a pocket of nature and having a picnic in the park is the, although brief, perfect getaway for those who can’t get away. For those seeking a time-friendly, wallet-friendly and animal-friendly menu for their next summer picnic, the following (completely vegan!) recipes are for you."

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My Top 5 Summer Reads

Allison KamelBy Allison Kamel '18
History Adolescent Education Major

"It’s summer: a time of relaxation, beaches, and ultimately boredom. For me, summer is the time I get to catch up on all those books I bought all year long. Thanks to the never-ending textbook assignments, I don’t actually get a chance to read them. If you're looking for something new to read, here are five suggestions."

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My Top 5 New York Summer Excursions

Ally GruberBy Ally Gruber '17 
English and Speech Communications Major 

"As college students, the summer is a time for adventure and exploration. It’s the perfect way to visit places you may never have been before and experience sights you don’t have time to see during the school year. Of course, it can be difficult to choose which amazing spots to check out, so here is a list of my top five summer excursions."

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My Top 5 Long Island Dog Activities

Margaret Liendo with her dog, TeddyBy Margaret Liendo '18
Medical Technology Major 

"The summer is a great time to get together with friends and family for a wide array of fun-filled activities. However, when your best friend is a dog, it can be a bit challenging to find activities suitable for your four-legged friend. Luckily, different areas across Long Island have events and grounds that are perfect for a day out with your dog. The following is a list of top five  recommended activities to do with little Fido!"

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My Top 5 Summer Fruits and Veggies

Michele CiprianoBy Michele Cipriano '17
History, Secondary Education Major 
1. Avocado

"Avocados are incredible during the summer. They are high in calories, but contain healthy fats and proteins. It is easy to cut one up and throw it in a salad. Or you can be a little more creative and make some guacamole."

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