My Top 5 Tips for New Students

Kathleen MagistroBy Kathleen Magistro
Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Being a new student at SJC Long Island is the start of a new adventure. It’s a chance to meet new friends, gain new experiences and of course, immerse yourself in a learning environment. Here are some tips to make the most out of your freshman year.

Freshman Orientation
1. Attend Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation is the best opportunity to get prepared for the start of classes. At this event, you’ll meet with your freshman seminar and first-year experience instructors, make new memories with your fellow classmates and interact with our orientation team comprised of SJC student leaders who want you to be as excited about SJC as they are. 

Get Involved
2. Get Involved

Students who attend events and join organizations on campus immediately make a new group of friends. Head to the Welcome Back BBQ on August 31 for lunch with friends. Also, at the Club Fair on September 7, representatives from every student organization will be seeking new members, so you can decide which clubs you hope to participate in at SJC.


3. Manage Your Time

One of the most surprising things about transitioning to college is the ability to make your own schedule for work, school and your social life. While this is a great benefit, it’s also challenging when you need to set aside time for class assignments, research projects and weekly club meetings. For some people, traditional paper planners are best, while others embrace technology and find an app to help them make time for what’s important. Check out this list of calendar apps to help you become an expert at time management. 


The Perch
4. Know Where to Eat

While on campus, you can head to the Eagle’s Nest dining hall for lunch between classes or grab a snack in our brand-new Perch, a lounge-style coffee bar featuring custom drinks and ready-to-eat meals. Lots of local spots also offer student discounts.


5. Gather Your Support System

There are lots of new experiences that come with entering college, and knowing how to access resources helps you to succeed. Your family and friends can motivate and encourage you as you begin your college career, and there are many departments on campus to help you, too. Our Center for Wellness offers meditation sessions, counseling, outreach and support services. If you need assistance in your courses, our Academic Center and Math Lab provides students with complimentary tutoring for all subjects. Students are also encouraged to head to the Office of Career Development and Engagement to get a jump start on their four-year career plan. By setting goals with one of our career counselors, you’ll be ready for whatever your future holds.