My Top 5 Tips for New SJC Brooklyn Students

Chris MalcausBy Chris Malcaus '18
Hospitality and Tourism Management Major

There are so many things rookies need to know about SJC Brooklyn. This list will help you navigate your way.

Career Development
1. Office of Career Development and Engagement

This office exists for you, the student. Its services offer help in finding internship and job opportunities, so I implore you to take advantage of that. With their help, I took advantage of an internship opportunity at Bellevue Hospital, and have been interning there for the past few months. As I have learned, gaining experiences through interning and volunteering at places relevant to your major is very critical for the career world, so please be proactive with your extra time.

Academic Advisement
2. Academic Advisement Center

The center is your college friend. Between countless workshops and professional and/or peer tutoring, there is always a way for you to improve your skills. If you need a specific workshop or tutorial that is not being offered, take the initiative to reach out to the head of the department to inquire about resources that suit your needs. I reached out for help in Microsoft Excel and was referred to an accounting professor, who helped me in my assignment.

SJC Shield
3. Networking

As newcomers, networking is ideal. As soon as you enter as freshmen, start communicating with your new friends and classmates, and even professors and other adults, about your interests and aspirations. In time, this communication could lead to obtaining different internship opportunities and other experiences. Because of my networking, I interned at a local assemblyman’s office and rallied at the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. You never know what could come your way!

4. SJCMentor Program

The offices of Alumni Engagement and Career Development and Engagement offer the SJCMentor Program. Through this program, you, the student, are matched with an SJC alum who is a professional in your major’s respective field, and then gain insight into your prospective field of work and hone your skills, among other perks. What better way to learn than from those with experience?

Student Life
5. Be active

It helps to be active in your new community! SJC Brooklyn offers dozens of clubs and events to partake in. If there’s a club that you would like to start on campus, all you need is a minimum of 10 people. Your new club could be a major contribution to campus life, so make your footprint! Everybody plays a role in enhancing the SJC community.