SJC Interns • Colleen Gannon ’17

Colleen Gannon
Interned at Child Protective Services in Ronkonkoma

For many Long Island Campus Psychology students, internship opportunities equate to many opportunities in supporting the mental health of our most fragile citizens. At Child Protective Services of Ronkonkoma, Colleen Gannon '17 used her psychology experience to foster the mental health of victims of child abuse and maltreatment, and to provide rehabilitative services to children, parents and other family members involved. Below, Colleen shares what she learned this summer, and what she anticipated entering the internship.

August 1, 2016 • Post-Internship Reflections

"Each day is different, so I am constantly doing new things, and that's because each case is unique."

"I would agree that the internship has most definitely lived up to its potential. Each day is different from the last, and I enjoy working alongside with a great group of smart and capable people. 

"I am participating in pretty much everything I was briefed on prior to the internship starting. I will say that I wasn't sure what exactly to expect when I first received the internship, other than rumors of what CPS is capable of. What I have learned is that case work is very different from social work, and although some case workers have a degree in social work they are two different professions. Again each day is different, so I am constantly doing new things, and that's because each case is unique. 

"The most valuable thing I have learned is that anyone can be subjected to a CPS case, and because of this it is vital to always be objective when handling each case. Otherwise the consequences effect everyone on such a large scale."

May 31, 2016 • Pre-Internship Expectations

"Honestly I see myself excelling in the field. I am a driven person, and I want to help children and families be the best version of themselves they can possibly be. I enjoy being part of the community at SJC. This was my first year, and I want to get more involved and participate in projects that the University offers."

How did you learn about your internship? When did you know you wanted to participate in it?

"I learned about St. Joseph's internships from my professor, Dr. Tannazzo. I've always planned on interning at least once while attending St. Joseph's. [After St. Joseph's] my plans are to go on to complete my Master's."

Aside from content material, what is the best lesson a professor taught you in class?

"No matter the disability or abnormality, the individual comes first. It does not define who they are."

What is the best advice someone has ever given you?

"To really live your life. I think its easy to get caught up in working and worrying about the future, but this is it. Life isn't promised, and although I'm currently in a waiting period in my life, I make the most of it."