Summer Classes at St. Joseph’s College

Summer Classes at St. Joseph’s College

Stay on track to graduate or get ahead.

Take a summer course at St. Joseph's College. With a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses spread out over four unique sessions, SJC gives you plenty of opportunities to invest wisely in your education this summer. 

Classes Available Fully Online, Remote and Hybrid

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Fully Online

Fully online courses offer students the flexibility they need, enabling them to progress through course materials each week at their own pace. With courses developed by skilled and experienced faculty, online learning with St. Joseph's College is both dynamic and engaging. All course materials will be made available online on Canvas, St. Joseph's learning management system.


Through remote courses, students meet and interact directly with their classmates and professors online at set dates and times — but they can do so from the comfort of their own home. 



Hybrid courses combine aspects of remote learning with traditional land-based classes. Students attend half the course sessions on campus, while the other half they attend remotely as described above. An example of this would be for a class that normally meets on Mondays and Wednesdays — with half the classes coming to campus on Mondays and the other half coming on Wednesdays, and the remainder of the instruction/interactions taking place remotely.

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Convenient Classes

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Keriann Tenney

Keriann Tenney ’21
Biology Major and Environmental Studies Minor

"SJC's small classroom sizes and integrated learning have given me the confidence and resources to conduct research on the effects harmful algal blooms may have on fish within their embryonic stages. This research has inspired me to continue my career within the field of marine ecology and continue to study, understand and protect marine ecosystems. Along with the great community of students at SJC, the professors within the biology department are incredibly helpful and are there to make successful future scientists."