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SJC Online puts you on a path to success inside the comfort of your own living room. With more than 15 academic offerings to work around your busy schedule, there’s no end to your possibilities. Exceptional undergraduate and graduate degrees, dual degrees and certificates. An unparalleled education is now available, worldwide. Your future is waiting. 

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Why Online Learning?

Whether earning your bachelor’s degree or building your master’s, online learning is a valuable resource for you. Online education is flexible, accessible at any time and allows you the opportunity to learn around your busy schedule.

Why SJC Online?


St. Joseph’s College Online allows students to further their academic, personal and professional education goals, while taking advantage of the resources and expertise of a top-tier liberal arts institution. At a heavily discounted rate, and with a generous transfer credit system, you'll get the most bang for your buck.  SJC Online instructors provide a wealth of knowledge and tools for you to use, such as test courses, dedicated academic advisers, remote access to the college’s library and technology support.


SJC Online offers program options in many exciting areas geared toward professional success. Click the department that best suits you and your career, and learn more about how SJC Online fits into your life.


In addition to full degrees and certificates, SJC Online offers minors in several academic areas. What better complement to your degree?

Our Students

Alejandro Campos

"I have taken over 20 online courses at SJC. The course materials and activities were easily accessed from my computer, tablet and iPhone at any particular time. The professors at SJC were often available to me on a one-on-one teacher-student relationship rather than a teacher having to focus amongst other students at a traditional school."

Richard Guzman

"Everybody [at SJC] has helped me and made me feel like a student, regardless of if I was an online or on-campus student. I continue to learn a lot about myself as well as advance learning by ways of online courses. It is a very easy and convenient way to enroll in school, maintain other commitments, but still focus on your education."

Do you have what it takes?

Online classes are increasing in popularity and enrollment across the globe. These programs demand a high level of discipline and self-motivation. Only those who are truly serious about forwarding their careers need apply.