Online Applied Behavioral Analysis Program

Online Applied Behavioral Analysis Program

The first New York ABA-certification program running under the newest state regulations.

With an Advanced Certificate in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) from SJC Online, you'll learn to understand the factors that influence the behavior of people all around you. 

With a focus on behavior interventions, planning and implementation, ABA students use their advanced certificate to teach functional behavior skills to individuals at every age level — infancy through adulthood.  

Applied Behavioral Analysis Certificate
What can you do with an advanced certificate in ABA?

Applied Behavioral Analysis Certificate

As licensed behavior analysts, students have the opportunity to work with individuals who have a medical diagnosis of autism, autism spectrum disorders or related disorders in a variety of public and private settings — including schools, homes, day programs, communities, residential and vocational training settings, businesses and related human service agencies.


Notice for Out of State Residents

The Advanced Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis Post Graduate program at St. Joseph’s College satisfies the requirements for completion of two pathways through an ACS (approved course sequence) for NYS and a VCS (verified course sequence) for the BACB (Behavior Analytic Certification Board). The VCS for the BACB leads to Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification which is recognized internationally. The ACS for NYS leads to NYS Behavior Analyst licensure (NYS LBA) which allows analysts to practice ABA with anyone who has a medical diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and a prescription for ABA in New York State. For students living and/or practicing ABA outside New York State, St. Joseph’s College recommends that they investigate whether the NYS LBA is applicable/recognized in the state in which they wish to practice. For students living/practicing outside NYS, please refer to the related licensing board guidelines in the state in which you wish to practice for information. You may also use the following link:

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Katherine Granelli at [email protected].

Career Outcomes

Looking for a career that spans multiple disciplines? ABA-certified individuals work in multiple fields. Employees executing the principles of applied behavior analysis work in schools, hospitals, clinics and homes. Any place where behavioral, natural science and mental health are valued.

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Official ABA Licensure Details

The Advanced Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis meets the newest academic requirements for licensure as Licensed Behavior Analyst in accordance with Subpart 79-17 of the New York State Commissioner’s Regulations. License applicants must meet additional requirements as outlined by NYS Education Law Title VIII, Article 167 and Commissioner’s Regulations Subpart 79-17.  

The program also meets the academic requirements for eligibility to sit for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) examination.