SJC Interns • Marisol Nazario ‘17

Marisol NazarioHospitality and Tourism Management
Interning at AGLOCAM in Costa Rica

From studying abroad to interning at a Costa Rican tourism company — Marisol Nazario '17 took full advantage of her SJC global studies opportunity. A student on the March 2016 Environment and Sustainable Society in Costa Rica trip, Marisol took her passion for hospitality and tourism management to the next level, securing a summer internship with AGLOCAM (Global Action, Awareness and Environment for its acronym in Spanish), a company seeking to give future professionals and leaders a different view on life through their participation in educational programs that promote participants’ personal and professional development as well as the development of the areas/regions where the programs are carried out. Below, Marisol shares what she learned this summer, and what she anticipated entering the internship.

August 3, 2016 • Post-Internship Reflections

"The internship did not only help me grow professionally but intellectually and personally."

"It was an experience that I will never forget. I feel changed, and better as a person. The internship did not only help me grow professionally but intellectually and personally. The most valuable lessons I received came from my host parents and the few friends I made.

"I definitely worked a lot more than I anticipated, but I also realized how important the work I did was to my boss. This not only applied to me — all of the other interns in the country were so important to the company they were helping. Most of the companies there are small and beginning to grow, but extremely gratefully for any extra help they can get.

"There are so many valuable lessons I learned! Picking one is hard... I think the one that I can't get off my mind is the importance of listening to your body mentally, physically and spiritually. Also realizing our connection with nature.

"I'm very excited to start the semester and move on with my career."

Marisol Costa Rica

May 24, 2016 • Pre-Internship Expectations

"I always wanted to do something abroad, whether it was a semester or a spring break trip. After my spring break trip to Costa Rica I was going to do everything in my power to return. With the help of Linda Lubranski from the Office of Global Studies, I found the opportunity to intern with AGLOCAM, a growing educational company."

What are your goals for this summer as an intern?

"My internship involves helping the company with its website and marketing. Since students my age are the target market, I am hoping my ideas can further improve the relationships between the company and its customers."

What inspired you to go into your career field?

"Knowing that I can pick a career that involves traveling and meeting different kinds of people and cultures."

What was your dream job as a kid, and how has that vision evolved over time?

"I had no idea what i was going to do as a kid. I was always told do good in school and that's what I did. I am still unsure of where I'll end up but I am taking it one year at a time. I had opportunities in life that made me realize what I love and what I didn't like. The people and professors I've met through college have helped me realize the field I want to go into."

Costa Rica Marisol

Costa Rica Marisol