Brooklyn Campus Academic Dean Featured in Two Publications

September 18, 2012

BROOKLYN, NY - SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 - This week, Richard Greenwald, Ph.D., academic dean and professor on the Brooklyn Campus, was featured in BusinessWeek and the Atlantic Monthly online magazine. His article in BusinessWeek, for which he writes regularly, was published on September 10, and discusses how both political parties and the media ignore the contributions of the millions of freelance workers and consultant and the challenges they face in their pursuit of business.

In this article, Dr. Greenwald discusses how freelance workers have been completely absent from the political scene during this election cycle. Denoting their work as the "Gig Economy, Dr. Greenwald goes on to list how "solopreneurs, are forced to take on far greater personal risk with none of the social protections that most citizens take for granted and how these people are lost in the rush to categorize Americans as either employees or employers.

In his Atlantic Monthly article "The Lifecycle of a Cool Neighborhood, Dr. Greenwald addresses the ongoing discussion of how certain neighborhoods in Brooklyn, once at the vanguard of hipness, are losing this status as they gentrify. Using the claim that cool has moved as asserted by Robert Anasis new work, The Last Bohemia, he states gap between subcultures and their proximity and relationship to mainstream culture. While these neighborhoods have certainly changed (and are continuing to change), Dr. Greenwald elects not to classify this change as either good or bad, but rather as part of an ongoing cyclical friction between cultures that has existed since people began to gather in cities.