SJC Receives Scholarship From New York Newspapers Foundation

January 28, 2013

BROOKLYN, NY January 29, 2013 - Through a grant from the New York Newspapers Foundation, St. Josephs College (SJC) is pleased to announce a new scholarship that will be available to incoming students for the fall 2013 semester. Funds from this scholarship will be awarded to an incoming freshman that displays exceptional academic promise, pursuing a degree in the journalism and new media studies program on the Colleges Brooklyn Campus.

Launched in fall 2012, SJCs journalism and new media studies (JNM) program trains students in the field of journalism. Developing their writing and reporting skills while incorporating the latest trends in digital media, the program prepares graduate to thrive in both the traditional and emerging media landscape. Students in the program create and manage the content on St. Joe's Report (, the colleges digital journalism site. During their senior year, JNM majors complete a semester-long internship with a professional media outlet. From these experiences, SJC JNM graduates will be well-versed in both journalism and the commercial aspects of the business, leaving them well-equipped to pursue careers in contemporary media and communications.

"As the journalism and new media program continues to grow here at St. Josephs, we are honored to have the support of the New York Newspapers Foundation, which will help us launch a promising young journalists career, says Dr. Theodore Hamm, director of journalism and new media studies at SJC.

Eligible students must be active in either their high school newspaper or other recognized journalism clubs or programs. Successful applicants will be required to draft an application essay that addresses the contemporary significance of the freedom of the press, how it relates to online journalism, and how these ideals will inspire candidates as they begin their careers in journalism. After applicants have submitted the required information, a committee will review the essays to determine which student has been selected to receive the New York Newspapers Foundation Scholarship.