Philosophy Statement

The faculty believes that:

  • Nursing is a scholarly discipline and a creative art that requires rigorous intellectual and ethical engagement with theoretical knowledge derived from the science of nursing, and the liberal arts and the sciences.
  • Nursing practice is informed by multiple ways of knowing and being. 
  • Nursing education promotes a spirit of inquiry and a commitment to excellence through reflective practice.
  • Nursing faculty and students comprise a community of learners who actively engage in a process of personal and professional transformation.
  • The goal of nursing is the promotion of health across the continuum of individuals, families, groups, and communities while celebrating the richness of diversity.

Undergraduate End-Of-Program Outcomes

The Baccalaureate prepared nurse will be able to:

  • Synthesize theoretical and empirical knowledge from nursing and the liberal arts and sciences to provide a foundation for professional nursing practice.
  • Utilize leadership concepts, knowledge and skills to promote safe, high quality care for diverse populations within complex organizational systems.
  • Integrate evidence from multiple ways of knowing to support excellence in nursing practice and inform clinical reasoning. 
  • Implement a collaborative approach in developing partnerships to improve health care and to advance in developing partnerships to improve health care and to advance the profession of nursing.
  • Engage in a life characterized by integrity, intellectual and spiritual values, social responsibility and service.
  • Communicate effectively through written, oral, behavioral and technological methods.