L.I. Campus Launches First Student-Run Internet Radio Station

August 21, 2012

PATCHOGUE, NY AUGUST 22, 2012 St. Josephs College (SJC) is pleased to announce that it will launch its first student-run internet radio station on the Long Island Campus beginning this fall. The newly established SJC Radio will be a source of music, entertainment and news for students, faculty, staff and the community at large.

"This is an exciting time for all of us at St. Josephs College, especially for the students who created this project, said Valerie Esposito, SJC Radio moderator and public relations associate, Long Island Campus. "We have received a tremendous amount of support and the students are eager to experience new technologies and learn about the radio and broadcasting fields.

Initiated by sophomore student Dylan Gafarian, who is currently majoring in communications, SJC Radio will allow students from various degree programs to gain hands-on experience carefully integrated with rigorous in-class learning.

"With decades of research behind us, we know that when higher education works well, it does so because students are fully engaged in learning, said Christopher Frost, Ph.D., academic dean of SJCs Long Island Campus. "With SJC Radio, our goal is to ensure that everyone knows about all of our terrific academic offerings, and to hear about the many ways that SJC students are involved in their local and global communities. What better way is there to learn, than to learn by doing?

At the same time, in an effort to expand its communications offerings, SJCs Brooklyn Campus will be introducing its journalism and new media program beginning this fall. Seeking to prepare students for a career in the ever-changing media spectrum, the program will expose them to the latest technological trends in media and journalism, with an opportunity to gain first-hand internship experience alongside some of New York Citys most dynamic news personalities.

"While other industries have been transformed in the last few years, journalism remains surprisingly vibrant, said Richard Greenwald, Ph.D., academic dean of SJCs Brooklyn Campus. "Our program aims to provide undergraduate students with what can only be found in graduate journalism programs by combining features of traditional journalism with new media tools. With new projects such as SJC Radio, our program will also combine classroom experience with real-world experience.

SJC Radio is a student-run, internet radio station which broadcasts from the Long Island Campus of St. Josephs College. It provides students with a creative outlet while engaging their interests and offering music, information, news and a variety of programs to students, alumni, faculty, staff, administrators and the community at large.