Transfer students at SJC Long Island bring valuable learning experiences to our campus. As a transfer student, you will complete your degree and prepare to begin your career. We’re here to assist you at each step and provide a seamless transition.

Our transfer admissions counselors are available to meet with you to discuss academic programs of interest, review the application process and provide preliminary information on transfer credits from previous institutions. Up to 64 credits may be awarded to those transferring from an accredited community college, while those transferring from four-year institutions may transfer up to 90 credits. 

Transfer FAQ

Who is a transfer student?

You are considered a transfer student if you have enrolled in college courses at another institution after high school graduation, prior to applying for admission to SJC.

What is required for acceptance as a transfer student?


Admission to St. Joseph’s College is competitive. Each applicant is carefully reviewed for indicators of academic achievement and potential. Recognizing that each applicant offers a unique combination of achievement and promise, the Office of Admissions carefully considers all of the components of the application, including an academic transcript, a co-curricular activities resume; letters of recommendation, and an essay or personal statement. While not required, a personal interview with an admissions counselor is recommended.

How will credits transfer from my current and/or previous institution to SJC?

Courses with grades of C- or higher are eligible for transfer credit. A maximum of 64 credits may transfer from two-year institutions and a maximum of 90 credits may transfer from a four-year institution.  Students with a military background, who provide a JST transcript, will be considered for transfer credit on on a case-by-case  basis. A minimum of 30-32 credits must be completed at SJC. A minimum of 120-128 credits (dependent upon specific major requirements) is required for completion of a bachelor’s degree at SJC. Unofficial transcripts may be submitted during the application process. However, official transcripts are required in order to receive transfer credit and must be submitted prior to the first day of classes. 

How will I know which credits will apply toward my degree/major?

Transfer credits may or may not apply to certain majors. It is recommended that you meet with a transfer admissions adviser to determine applicability of your transfer credits.

How do I receive credit for Advanced Placement (AP) courses taken in high school?

SJC recognizes and awards credit for AP courses. An official test score report must be requested from the College Board to be sent to SJC. Depending on the course, students may receive credit for AP test scores of 3 or higher. Some courses require higher test scores in order to award credit. For specific information about how to transfer AP credits, contact the registrar’s office at 631.687.1400.

Click here to view a list of AP credits and their SJC course equivalents.

Does my GPA from my previous institution transfer?

No. Your GPA at SJC will reflect only the courses you complete at SJC.

Transfer Credit

Our online transfer equivalency guide outlines many of the commonly transferred credits.

We are also happy to review your unofficial transcript and you may submit your courses here.

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