SJC Long Island M.B.A. Program

SJC Long Island M.B.A. Program

St. Joseph’s Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), like our other Graduate Management Studies programs, helps develop managerial skills across every facet of business and builds the analytical skills that solve everyday business problems. Want an executive level position? Then this program is for you.

While the M.B.A. is geared for students with substantial work experience, the 36-credit program will advance your career to the next level by consistently placing you in real-world situations. The program is available on campus and online.

This two-year program is a good option for students with an active life. The flexible schedule uses an every-other-week model (on campus only), and students attend courses weekday evenings and Saturdays.

All of St. Joseph’s Graduate Management Studies programs emphasize the development of abilities associated with superior managerial performance and the application of theoretical and quantitative knowledge to everyday business situations. Every course emphasizes ethical behavior and social responsibility to stay true to the College motto, Esse non videri — "To be, not to seem."

Carla CarusoCarla Caruso '16

“St. Joseph's College not only has a great reputation, but their graduate programs are geared toward the working individual. Having a full-time job, the class schedule was very important to me, and the timing of the course offerings have worked out superbly. ”

Nicholas RennaNicholas Renna '12, MBA '15

"Having just completed my MBA at SJC after my bachelor's in communication studies and a minor in business, I plan on continuing my career at Lessing's Inc. as their social media coordinator."

Keith RooneyKeith Rooney '15

“I started [at SJC] seven years ago, attending part time after a 20-year break. I completed my bachelor’s degree in business and then continued on to the EMBA. I have 27 years in the utility business and currently hold the position of gas control center manager statewide. I plan on continuing my work and becoming the director or vice president-level at National Grid."