Communication Studies

Communication Studies

The Communication Studies degree offers students a choice between two branches of the discipline: Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology or Communication Arts/Theater. Both tracks lead to a Bachelor of Arts in Speech, and all majors are guided through their programs by individual faculty advisors.

Students who choose Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology take courses that provide the academic and clinical skills necessary to succeed in the field. Students also prepare for graduate studies, with a goal of obtaining licensure in New York state and clinical certification from the American Speech and Hearing Association. Speech-language pathologists and audiologists evaluate and treat communication and feeding/swallowing disorders in adults and children. Career opportunities occur in a variety of settings for speech-language pathologists, audiologists and researchers.

Students who choose Communication Arts/Theater appreciate the advantages of a liberal arts education and the importance of excellent communication skills. The Communication Arts empower students with strong oral and written communication abilities, an advantage in any career. Our students are prepared for work in a wide range of fields that require interfacing with diverse populations, expressing ideas and arguments effectively and analyzing messages critically.

Theater courses prepare students for a career in theater through acting, play production, creative theater workshops and internships. Students who choose not to pursue a career in acting find career opportunities in a variety of settings, including business, public relations, media, sales, management, human resources, community liaison, customer relations, law, government and education.