Religious Studies Featured Students

Rachel SullivanRachel Sullivan ’20
B.A. in Religious Studies, Philosophy and Psychology with a minor in Mindfulness and Contemplative Living

"To be engaged in religious studies classes often means that we must be willing to leave behind the things we thought were certain—and our need to depend only on what we can see or touch or test—in pursuit of questions much larger than us. If we are lucky, as I think we all are under the guidance of such amazing professors—this is how we become wiser."

Michael NadeauMichael Nadeau ’20
B.A. in Religious Studies and Philosophy, B.S. in Political Science

"The beliefs and convictions that I have developed during my time at St. Joseph's University will continue to be sharpened for the remainder of my academic and personal life. I believe that the solutions to the various political and cultural problems that plague our nation today can be found only in the disciplines of philosophy and religion. Nowhere was this more evident than in the philosophy and religious studies department at St. Joseph's University."

Tatiana BelanichTatiana Belanich ’19
Religious Studies and Journalism Double Major

"The study of religion is an inspiring venture into the depths of the human experience. It’s an awakening of the human soul, an honest striving toward beauty and an exploration of universal longings and desires of the human heart. There is no other pursuit more exciting, nor any study more satisfying — it goes beyond the classroom and seeps into the fabric of our lives. Studying religion not only helped me grow in my own faith, but fostered hope, connection, relationship, understanding, open-mindedness and the recognition and appreciation of our common bonds. I am so grateful to have been part of a major that is not only ever-relevant, but captivating and ever-new.”

Dana RundbergDana Rundberg '17 
History and Religious Studies Major

"The classes I took in religious studies have been tremendously important in my everyday life. They play a role in not only helping me better understand the history I will teach, since religion has played a role in most world events, but also the diverse students who will make up my classroom. Having knowledge of all major religions will enable me as a teacher to better meet my student’s individual needs and understand their backgrounds... These courses will not only change the way you view the world, but also how you view yourself."

Mehdad IslamMehdad Islam '17 
Religious Studies and Computer Technology Major

"Religious studies was a part of my life since I was a young boy becoming a Hafidh. Religious studies has taught me acceptance, tolerance and understanding of all religions in the world. The extensive courses that I have taken here at St. Joseph's University has taught me that there are there are many similarities between religions. Religious studies has intrinsic value to me which I enjoy everyday of my life being a religious person. Knowledge leads to tolerance while ignorance leads to fear; is the essence of my education in this major."