Undergraduate Research Student Testimonials

Nicole Scotto ’19

Psychology Major and Business Minor

“The small classroom sizes, personalized education, and close proximity to my home made me decide to attend SJC. I have always loved learning about behavior and why people act the way they act. I decided to minor in business in order to give myself an advantage if I ever own my own business one day. I have been on the equestrian team since my freshman year. I am now one of the captains of our team. I have been an equestrian for over ten years, and the ability to be able to ride with classmates who also love horses has been a great experience.”

Garbrielle Cinquemani ’18

Biology Major

“SJC has prepared me for life after college by improving my communication skills as well as my time management skills. The biology program has expanded my knowledge and nurtured a true love of science. The entire biology department at SJC is very special. Each professor has a unique way of teaching their classes. It is easy to tell how much they love their jobs and the subjects they teach. They are always willing to help a student if he or she does not understand the content. It has been a privilege to learn from and work with these amazing professionals.”

Jude Andre II ’20

Mathematics and Computer Science Major, Music Minor

"Mathematics is amazing in how true it is. While in the real world, we can only make observations or do experiments to gather information and come up with conclusions that may not even be true one day. The abstract world of math has absolute truths which cannot be broken for as long as we live."

Daniel Pascucci ’18

Biology Major, Environmental Studies and Chemistry Minor

"At SJC, I have had the opportunity to gain a great deal of experience working in a lab setting and have also gained valuable research experience. I had two study abroad experiences during my time at SJC. I took a field course in ecology that culminated in a trip to the Gulf Coast of Texas. We spent a week there gaining field research experience and working with scientists from the University of Texas. I gained a lot of valuable experience on this trip that will certainly help with my career."

Nicole Pinata ’18

Psychology Major, Speech Minor

"I chose to attend SJC because I knew I wanted to stay home, and unlike bigger universities, this one provided a tight-knit community feeling that I enjoy. I have been able to make great connections with several professors in the psychology department. There are about four or five of them that I know I can always go to for career advice, graduate school advice or just to talk to. This, to me, is invaluable, and I believe this would not be possible in larger schools.”

Courtney Cowie ’18

English Major with a concentration in Adolescence Education

"At St. Joe's, I loved the small campus and the small classes. I loved that the professors know your name and take a true interest in you as a person and student. That's what college should be. Up until January of 12th grade, I never wanted to go to college... I've now become the person who only leaves campus to sleep. I absolutely love going to school, and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life in school — but this time as the teacher."