Political Science Major

Political Science Major

Political scientists study the institutional, legal and ethical arrangements of governments, societies and power. SJC Students with political science majors, have the flexibility to design a degree to meet their specific needs and prepare themselves for either law school or a career in government, journalism, business or education.

Our students address central questions of contemporary life, such as:  How does society organize and use power to establish civil order? How do we balance the freedom of the individual with the responsibilities of a large and diverse society? What role should the United States play on the world stage? How do our core values influence our public policy choices?

The political science program, situated within the SJC Long Island Department of Social Sciences, offers both a major and a minor in the field. As an essential step in preparing students for success, the political science program offers internships in local agencies, nonprofits and political offices and campaigns. Typically, political science students choose an internship in a government agency, the United Nations, a law office or one of the county courts on Long Island.

Bachelor of Political Science Prepares Students for Life Beyond College

Faculty work closely with the History, Criminal Justice, and Journalism and New Media Studies departments to ensure that students have a rich, broad domain of knowledge. Students gain the critical thinking skills and analytical abilities that are vital in a wide array of positions. Politics may seem like the most straightforward choice for political science majors, but there are a plethora of opportunities to practice your education in law, nonprofit organizations, journalism, or teaching. Our increasingly globalized society requires more politically savvy leaders and government officials. Further your studies at the graduate level in business, or law.

Political Science is also the home of the Prelaw advising program. However, "Prelaw" is not a major, minor or series of courses; there are no preferred majors for law school.