Due to the ongoing threat of the coronavirus pandemic, St. Joseph's College will move all in-person classes to virtual and online formats for the remainder of the semester starting on Monday, March 30. Courses that are ready will start as early as March 23. Contact your professor for more information.

Check our Emergency Management section for further updates.



St. Joseph’s College’s philosophy courses provide an excellent foundation for professional study in law, history, education, the natural and social sciences, and religious studies. Our program challenges students to think critically while studying a history of ideas and various perspectives.

Philosophy, the love of wisdom, is at the heart of a liberal arts education. It questions and interprets a full range of human experiences while analytically examining the assumptions, methods and claims of other bodies of knowledge represented in the curriculum, including its own.


A minor allows you to build your academic record by highlighting areas of interest and sustained study beyond that of your major.  A minor in Philosophy requires 18 credits. PHI 123 and PHI 124 are required, along with 12 additional credits chosen from the course offerings (9 must be above the 100 level).