SJC Long Island Hospitality and Tourism Management Department

SJC Long Island Hospitality and Tourism Management Department


The U.S. Travel Association estimates that 1 in 9 jobs now depend on travel and tourism. The trend is expected to continue, with leisure and hospitality services jobs, along with health services and education, representing the largest areas of employment growth around the state and most of the country.

The B.S. in Hospitality and Tourism Management embodies the civic mission of the College by serving the needs of our students, neighboring communities and region. One of the fastest growing industries in New York City is in tourism and hospitality with 330,000 jobs and a 58.7 billion dollar economic impact from tourism.

The major places strong emphasis on the general well-being of our environment. Career opportunities emerge in three distinct but interconnected areas: tourism, hotel management and health care hospitality. The tourism concentration emphasizes sustainability, such as farm-to-table, ecotourism and agritourism. The hotel management concentration incorporates sustainability as its core. The health care hospitality concentration focuses on how individuals experience care in medical and nonprofit environments.