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Rachel Sullivan ’20

"From hearing the stories that my sister and other SJC alumni I’ve met told, I already knew that SJC was a college that more than fulfilled the promises it made during Open House. For example, it is true that class sizes are small and that you are always taught by your professor, not a TA. Therefore, you do have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with professors that truly enhance your college experience, both personally and academically. Additionally, the environment of this school really appealed to me. Both students and staff are very welcoming, and it is easy to build relationships here because people are so genuinely invested in the well-being of those around them."

Michael Pitagno ’19

"[Through St. Joe's] I currently have an internship at Suffolk DBT Psychological Service. I will soon have one in clinical psychology at Pilgrim State Psychiatric Hospital. Once I graduate, I plan on pursuing graduate school and further exploring various internships."

Stephanie Mannhaupt ’19

"At SJC, I'm the vice president of the Psychology Club. Being elected as the vice president allowed me to take leadership in creating activities for students to participate in, getting students involved and bringing a greater awareness to our club on campus. Second, I was a member of Dr. Treboux's research lab. Being a lab assistant furthered my understanding of research in psychology. Dr. Treboux has taught me many lessons through my involvement in her lab. Most importantly, she taught me to be confident. My involvement in this lab provided me the opportunity to present research at the Eastern Psychological Association. Through the Psychology Club and Dr. Treboux's research lab, I have made many relationships that will last a lifetime and found a new appreciation for psychology."

Leslie Gonzaga ’19

"I am currently training for the Response Crisis Hotline. I learned about this volunteer opportunity through several psychology professors. I have learned more about active listening and compassion for others. I think this will also be a way for me to serve in the Suffolk community."


Nicole Pinata ’18

"I chose to attend SJC because I knew I wanted to stay home, and unlike bigger universities, this one provided a tight-knit community that I enjoyed. This semester, I was inducted into the Psychology International Honor Society (PSI CHI), and I look forward to seeing what opportunities this will bring. I have already been informed of an upcoming Eastern Psychological Association conference trip in Philadelphia that I am excited to attend."

Deanna Parisi ’18

"I transferred to SJC my Sophomore year of college because I wanted to be back on Long Island. The opportunity to earn my CASAC really intrigued me to SJC. I found the Psych department to provide exactly what I wanted for my future. Through an internship I received because of St. Joe's, I was hired as a full-time employee at an addictions rehabilitation center. I intend on pursing both clinical and research opportunities in graduate school, in which I am applying to currently. St. Joseph’s has opened many doors for me. "

Deanna Parisis will be getting her MSW at SUNY Stony Brook.


Morgan MecalianosMorgan Mecalianos '18

"I'm in classes I love, with professors who enjoy teaching and are not only focused on their own research."

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Gabrielle GeleskoGabrielle Gelesko '18

"[At SJC] I learned that I love to be a leader. I never thought that I would be on the executive board of a club, but here I am on two!"

Gabrielle Gelesko will be attending Hofstra University for a MA in Industrial Organizational Psychology

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Gabrielle PetagnaGabrielle Petagna '18

"Industrial-Organizational psychology sparked my interest. I like helping people become more successful at their jobs."

Gabrielle Petagna will be attending Hofstra University for a MA in Industrial Organizational Psychology

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Ryan ClearyRyan Cleary '18

"I would tell a student to come here if they really want to challenge themselves to grasp every opportunity they could, considering the opportunities almost handed to us here."

Ryan Cleary will be receiving his MS in Mental Health Counseling at LIU Post

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