Service Society/Awareness Organizations

Service Society/Awareness Organizations

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club was created to achieve a greater understanding of astronomical ideas and space theories throughout the St. Joseph’s College Community. The knowledge of astronomy is essential in today’s society because it idolizes what is going on in the universe outside of our planet, Earth. The astronomy club would like to provide details and problems regarding space through activities, discussions, and a possibility of taking a trip to certain planetariums. We would also like to provide help with our charity, The Space Foundation, to influence future research within space exploration. As a club, it is understandable that not everyone would be interested in specific topics covered, nevertheless we would like to provide our community with a knowledgeable environment and influence our community to check out different topics respectfully.

Diversity Union

SJC Long Island Diversity Union members

The mission of Diversity Union is to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment where diversity appreciation is celebrated and highly encouraged through various events, workshops and programs.

All of the programs offered are open to all students, faculty and staff of the college. Encouraging and promoting diversity throughout the college community helps to create a sense of unity by connecting different ethnicities, cultures and viewpoints. The Diversity Union provides all members of the College a sense of community and togetherness, regardless of classification. 

Diversity Union supports Adelante of Suffolk County in Central Islip, NY, a non-profit organization which serves the diverse people of Long Island through a broad range of programs that improve and inspire forward movement in the lives of the families, senior citizens, youth, and people of all abilities which they service.


Email: [email protected]

Green Team

The Green Team is a student run organization committed to establishing a more sustainable campus both by promoting environmental awareness and encouraging student activism. Each semester will focus on improving a particular environmental issue, which will be promoted by events including guest speakers, campus events, trips, and volunteerism.

The club volunteers at environmental cleanups to foster appreciation for our planet. Fundraisers and events are hosted to benefit various environmental organizations. Anyone who appreciates the environment, or would like to learn more about sustainability is welcome to join the Green Team.

The Nicaragua Project

The purpose of this organization is to enhance and expand upon the works of the St. Joseph’s faculty-driven Nicaragua Project. Students have the opportunity to participate in a service learning experience by interacting and participating in the lives of the residents of Subtiava, Nicaragua.

At the College, students will help raise funds and gather supplies for future trips, plan for future trips and raise awareness about the project. The Nicaragua Project also works to support the travel of SJC students both financially and through words of encouragement prior to, during and after their trip. The project unites students with similar values and hopes to build a connection throughout humanity.


Club moderators: Thomas Petriano
Club email:  [email protected]

Peer Health Educators

The Peer Health Education Program is a College work-study program that focuses on delivering up-to-date relevant information to SJC students from SJC students. The peer health educators are made up of a diverse group of students who are educated in an area of interest, including alcohol and drug abuse, smoking cessation, body image, nutrition, fitness, disease prevention and high risk behaviors. We sponsor and participate in health awareness campaigns and events for students in all areas of the health spectrum while having fun.

What We Do

We are leaders and are responsible for running well-planned, interactive and fun events for the St. Joseph’s student body. We also offer workshops upon request. 

Our Mission

The mission of the program is to deliver holistic health promotion programs and support to SJC students through peer educators. We strive to create a higher education environment that is supportive and encourages positive health promotion.

The peer education program offers opportunities for the individual student and collective student body to grow through a variety of diverse experiences that are challenging, rewarding and meaningful. Through educational workshops and programs, supervised by student health services, the program complements and supports promoting student learning and critical thinking. The program is supported through a collaborative effort from on and off-campus members of the community interested in offering help, information and support to St. Joseph’s College students.


If you are interested in becoming a peer health educator, stop by the Center for Wellness and ask for an application, or download and fill out the attached application and drop it off at Center for Wellness office.

For additional information, please contact:

Peer Health Educator Program
Kerry Smith Vall, College Nurse
Student Health Services
Long Island Campus 631.687.1259​

Project Sunshine

Project Sunshine establishes a sense of normalcy for children facing medical challenges in the hospital setting. We focus on allowing members of the St. Joseph's community to provide happiness to these children and their families, right on our own campus.

Working onsite, our volunteers relieve the anxiety of the young patients and in a context of fun and play, foster in them the courage and coping skills necessary to confront procedures that lie ahead.


Email: [email protected]

Student Veterans of America

The SJC Student Veterans of America is a student organization at SJC Long Island  which aims to promote an understanding of veterans and their vastly unique experiences, as well as the issues they face upon returning home. Veteran and non-veteran students and faculty are invited to join our ranks and help us build our club, hold events, and raise funds for charity.

Look for our meeting times and locations in the Jotter and come get involved.


Email: [email protected]

Students Taking an Active Role in Society (S.T.A.R.S)

Whether you are a new or returning student, we would like to welcome you to the S.T.A.R.S. program here at St. Joseph’s College. S.T.A.R.S. stands for Students Taking an Active Role in Society and that's what we do. We engage the community by lending a hand and donating our time to help others. We invite the entire SJC community to be part of our events, which center upon a deep concern for the rights and dignity of every person, especially the poor and most vulnerable. For more information, call 631.687.1467 or visit the Campus Ministry office in O’Connor Hall.

Alternative Spring Break

The Alternative Spring Break trip is an annual community service trip for select students in S.T.A.R.S.


Phone: 631.687.1466
Room: Campus Ministry

Email: [email protected]

Women's Empowerment Club

Our mission is to empower the women at our school and inspire them to develop a high self-esteem, as well as to set high goals for themselves, all while creating a community of friends and women who desire to uplift one another. We hope to be a safe place for the women of our community, to share things about themselves, as well as provide an environment for new friendships to grow and flourish. We host events that connect with all students, such as Paint Nights and events that celebrate women during Women’s History Month. Regardless of your interests and hobbies, please consider joining our club and make some forever friends at St. Joseph’s College.