Center for Counseling and Wellness

Center for Counseling and Wellness

The Center for Counseling and Wellness provides a wide range of services that support the holistic development of all students in body, mind and spirit. These services are free and confidential; they are available so that students can flourish academically, socially, emotionally and psychologically.

Prevention, outreach, education and immediate consultation services are available to students, faculty and staff. All of these services are important in promoting emotional and psychological well-being, academic success and safety on campus.

Virtual Services

The Counseling and Wellness Center continues to offer all services virtually to the student body without requiring students to come to campus. The following services are available during this time:

  • Schedule initial counseling appointments at LIPathToWellness: During this time of great transition, make sure to schedule an individual appointment with a counselor to help you work through all the stress. Just send our team an email and we will schedule you for your first intake session utilizing our confidential HIPPA compliant Telehealth platforms.
  • Join a counseling and wellness group via email at [email protected]: Interested in joining a counseling and wellness group? During this time of social distancing, joining a group is a great way for students to connect and share strengths and difficulties, to help one another through this sharing process, and to learn you are not alone. Email our team to find out about our groups and receive a confidential Zoom link. 
  • Submit your immunization records via fax at 631.654.3602: Remember to submit your immunization forms before the start of classes. Prior to the first day of class, students must provide documentation that proves they have received the required immunizations, otherwise, students cannot attend classes. This is a service for yourself and for the SJC community as we each monitor our health and well-being. Don’t delay!
  • Submit health questions to the College Nurse via email at [email protected]: Do you have questions or concerns about your physical health? Questions about COVID-19? Do you need more information or specific referral services? Email our team and the College Nurse will assist you through any and all concerns.
  • Apply for a medical leave of absence via email at [email protected]: Have you become ill, either mentally or physically, or injured in some way? Contact our team to discuss the possibility of taking a medical leave of absence.​ A medical leave of absence is granted to students who become ill, either physically or mentally, or injured during the course of a semester. The student is given two semesters to recover from his/her illness or injury without having to re-enroll at St. Joseph’s College.
  • MySJC Portal: Follow us on social media and utilize all of the guides and resources available to you on the Counseling and Wellness Center portal page.


The Center for Counseling and Wellness was founded based on the belief that one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is directly related to one’s ability to reach their fullest personal and academic potential. Our mission is to support the psychical, mental and spiritual well-being of every student in the SJC community. We strive to empower our students to attain their academic aspirations and become positive and productive members of society.


Our vision is to develop integrative models that advance the college and lead to a healthier and more productive academic community through our commitment to the very best in quality and service. 

The Center for Counseling and Wellness is committed to affirming and respecting people of all backgrounds. We aim to respond respectfully and empathetically to each person’s unique struggle, personal history and cultural background. 

All services are free and confidential. No information is recorded on your school record.

The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely  - C.G. Jung