Academic Resources

Academic Resources

Support can help you achieve your academic goals.

St. Joseph's University offers numerous resources and support services available to actively promote your success. You are encouraged to take advantage of these free online resources.

Mathematics and Programming

Click these links for assistance in math and computer programming.
History of Mathematics

CalcChat: Homework help for the calculus classes (linked to the Larson book)
WolframAlpha: A search engine, especially good for looking up math definitions and formulas but useful for getting nicely compiled data
Statistics: A list of useful resources for learning statistics from Robin Lock, Ph.D.
The Dynamical Systems and Technology Project at Boston University
Norman Wildberger YouTube channel

Tutorials Point


Tutorials Point is an online lab where you can create your own programs in more than 80 programming languages, as well as compile, execute and share them over the Internet to help provide a remarkable learning experience. Tutorials Point also offers a big online tutorials library that has a collection of the most acclaimed tutorials on various technical and non-technical subjects. is an award-winning free and open access educational video lectures repository. The lectures are given by distinguished scholars and scientists at the most important and prominent events like conferences, summer schools, workshops and science promotional events from many fields of science. The portal promotes science, exchanging ideas and fostering knowledge sharing by providing high-quality didactic contents, not only to the scientific community but also to the general public. All lectures, accompanying documents, information and links are systematically selected and classified through the editorial process taking into account also users' comments.



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